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Greendale Golf Results 27/2/21

1st. Patrick and Arch Youngman  +10,

2nd Rob Earle and Steve Roulston +9,

3rd Duncan McKay and Ian Gaunson +8,

4th Steve Hygate and Simon Jeffs + 8,

5th Danny McLaren and Phil Nagayama +8,

6th Diane Gibbs and Dale MacDonald +7,

7th Bruce Sampson And Blair Hopkins +7,

8th Meg Nagayama  and Janette Benn +7 ,

9th  Merv Westland and Roger Ford  +7,


Nearest to The Pins

# 3 Blair Hopkins,

# 9 Beaven Souness,

# 13 Steve Hygate,

# 17 Darren Lewis,

Womens Longest Drive Meg Nagayama,

Mens Blair Hopkins,

Longest Put # 18 Jim Adams,

Ladies Longest Put  #11 Dale MacDonald,

Two`s Rob Earle Garren Hawker, Danny McLaren.

9 Hole Stableford

1st Avis Sutherland 19 pts,

2nd Helen Reid 18 pts.

Hayes Cup Winners   Pat and Arch Youngman.

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