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Happy new year and welcome to the 2019 season – Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Warm greetings to all members of the Greendale Golf Club. The programme set out for 2019 offers everyone a great opportunity to unleash their golfing talent and enjoy the fantastic course and facilities we are fortunate to have available to us.

The essence of any Club worth its salt is a membership that joins in a common cause. Friendly competition, a strong sense of camaraderie and social affiliation that supports one another to play golf, reflect that common cause. These characteristics, I believe, truly reflect what our Club is all about and for this reason I would like to acknowledge all members of Greendale Golf Club for their continued allegiance and support.

Our membership experience is underpinned by the selfless work of many people, both within and outside our Committee, who volunteer their time and resources to ensure the course, programme and associated amenities and hospitality services are delivered to a high standard. A well-deserved extension of thanks is also offered to those working hard behind the scenes for the benefit of all members.

I hope you enjoy the 2019 programme and find the time to participate to the greatest extent possible in events throughout the year. Any great ideas to enhance the programme in the future are welcome so please feel free to share your thoughts with Committee representatives.

I wish you a successful and enjoyable 2019 golfing year.

Best wishes

Ian Bourke

President, Greendale Golf Club.

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