Greendale Golf Club Pro

Kevin Hughes
P.G.A Qualified Golf Professional

“My aim is to equip all golfers with the skills to enhance their confidence, improve their game and most importantly to enjoy the game regardless of age or level of ability”.

Kevin has a wealth of credentials from his illustrious career in the United Kingdom.

He has an open and honest approach and recognised as a coach with a flair for immediately identifying areas requiring development.


Kevin provides specialised tuition for juniors, beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers.

“I believe in simplicity. The golf swing only takes one and a half seconds from start to finish. You can’t think of too much in that time frame!

Lesson vouchers available as gifts.


Despite Kevin’s simplistic, straightforward approach, he uses the latest in golf technology as an invaluable teaching aid enhancing the learning process.

FlightScope X2 Elite is a 3D tracking radar system proving accurate distances, club and ball speed.

V1 Sports Motion Analysis allows Kevin to capture, compare and improve performance using a specialised video system.

Recorded lessons can be delivered to PCs, smart phones and iPads.

This level of technology is not offered elsewhere in New Zealand.

Club Member Services

Custom fitted golf clubs (no extra charge), club repairs, re-gripping and re-shafting

Due to his connections with all the major golf brands Kevin is able to source and supply a vast range of merchandise at extremely competitive prices.

clubs, bags, trolleys, balls, tees, umbrellas, shoes, apparel, company logo printed shirts

Contact details:

027 201 8898

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