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Greendale Golf Results 29/8/20

Saturday 29th Aug
Stableford Round
1st Simon Jeffs 41
2 Steve Roulston 39
3 Phil Radford 39
4 Greame Hessey 38
5 Matt Parrington 37
6 Darren Lewis 37
7 Duncan McKay 37
8 Blair Hopkins 37
9 Rob Earle 37
10 Murray Shipley 36
11 Jannette Benn 36
12 Jo Johnson 36
13 Bill Allison 36
Nearest Pin
#3 Ian Gaunson
#9 Chris Faithful
#13 Garron Hawker
#17 Steve Roulston
Men’s Longest Drive – Toby Doyle
Women’s Longest Drive – Jocelyn Chambers
Longest Putt 18 – Mary Dewar
Women’s Longest Putt 11 – Jan Redfern
Simon Jeffs, Garron Hawker
9 Holes – Stableford 
1st Avis Sutherland 20
2nd Eleanor Green 20

Meadow Mushrooms Hamper Tournament – Nov 15th


(Download Flyer)

Meadow Mushrooms Sponsored Men’s and Ladies’ Hamper Tournament


Sunday 15th  November 2020


18 Holes – Stableford


ENTRY FEE $35.00




Entries to:      Email:

Payment with entries to Bank Act No:  031583 0039664 00 Ref: Meadows

Entries limited to first 124 paid entries received

                                                                                                                                 Entries Close : Thursday 12th  November

Draw on our Website: Saturday 14th  November


Greendale Golf Results 22/08/20

Men’s Canadian Foursome Trophy Winners – Bevan Souness & Steve Roulston
Mitchell Cup Mixed Canadian Foursome winners – Gwen Heffernan & Rob Earle 
Match of the day 
Canadian Foursome
1st Bevan Souness & Steve Roulston 66.5
2nd Gwen Heffernan & Rob Earle 67
3rd Marie Michael & John Feeney 68
4th Crisie Banks & Martyn Gall
        Duncan McKay & Brendon Nelly 68.5
6th Diane Gibbs & Wayne Watson
        Trevor Michael & Dan Burrows 69
8th Colleen Davison & Graham Gough
        Jan Redfern & Brent Nahkies 70
10th Sandra Best & Toby Doyle 71.5
Nearest the Pins
#3 Brent Nahkies
#9 Wayne Watson
#13 Toby Doyle
#17 Blair Hopkins
Men’s Longest drive – Toby Doyle
Women’s Longest Drive – Adrienne Begg
9 Holes – Stableford
Betty Green 20
Helen Reid 19

Greendale Golf Results 15/8/20

Saturday 15th August
Stroke Round
1st Crisie Banks 67
2nd Steve Roulston, Brent Nahkies 69
4th Brendon Nelly, Jo Johnson 70
6th Dale MacDonald 71
7th Blair Hopkins, Marie Michael, Toby Doyle, Cam Gordon, Rob Earle 72
Nearest the Pin
#3 Duncan McKay
#9 Jo Johnson
#17 Lance Giles
Men’s Longest Drive – Blair Hopkins
Women’s Longest Drive – Dale MacDonald
Longest Putt – Steve Hygate
Women’s Longest Putt – Jo Johnson
Wayne Watson, Ian Bourke, Jo Johnson, Steve Roulston, Graham Gough
9 Holes – Stableford
1st Gill Logan 21
2nd Barbara May 21

Greendale Golf Results 8/8/20

Reid Johnston Cup Winners 

Peter Bee and Blair Hopkins.

Match Results

1st Marie Michael 39,

2nd Darren Lewis 38,

3rd equal Kath Adams, Bill Allison Bevan Souness, Hugh MacPhee 37,

8th equal Diane Gibbs, Jan Redfern 36,

9 Hole Stableford

1st Eleanor Green 19,

2nd equal Maaike and Ted Kikstra 17,

Nearest To The Pins # 3 Chris Faithful, # 9 Phil Radford, #13 Roger Ford, # 17 Duncan McKay,

Longest Drive #11 Women  JO Johnson, Men Chris Faithful.

Ladies Longest Putt Mary Dewar #9,

Longest putt #18 Sponsored By Darfield Tyre Centre  Toby Doyle,

Two`s Dale McDonald, Jan Redfern, Simon Johnstone, Peter Bee.

Greendale Results 01/08/20

Saturday 1st Aug
Club Stroke Play Championship winners
Senior – Garron Hawker
Intermediate – Bevan Souness
Junior A – Dean Rutter
Junior B – Graeme Hessey
Match of Day – Stroke Round
1st Dean Rutter 59
2nd Duncan McKay 68
3rd Bevan Souness, Graham Gough 69
5th Wayne Watson 71
6th Rob Earle, Steve Roulston, Simon Jeffs 72
9th Graeme Oakley 73
10th Brent Nahkies, Simon Johnstone, Jo Johnson, Crisie Banks 74
Nearest the Pins
#3 Simon Jeffs
#9 Simon Jeffs
#13 Wayne Watson
#17 Steve Roulston
Men’s Longest Drive – Simon Johnstone
Women’s Longest Drive – Jan Redfern
Wayne Watson, Pat Youngman, Marie Michael, Garron Hawker, Jo Johnson, Steve Roulston, Mary Dewar
9 Holes – Stableford
1st Gill Logan 19
2nd Barbara May 19
3rd Joan Pascoe 19

Greendale Results 25/07/20

Saturday 25th July
Stroke Round
1st Ian Bourke, Lance Giles 70
3rd Trevor Michael, Marie Michael 71
5th Garron Hawker, David Benn 72
7th Duncan McKay, Joel Counter, Toby Doyle, Chris Faithful, Dave Thompson, Martyn Gall 74
Nearest Pins
#3 Tody Doyle
#9 Lance Giles
#13 Phil Radford
#17 Duncan McKay
Men’s Longest Drive – Simon Johnstone
Women’s Longest Drive – Crisie Banks
Longest Putt – Gary Gifkins
Phil Radford, Ian Bourke, Brent Nahkies
9 Holes – Stableford
1st Barbara May 20
2 Phil Radford 19
3 Eleanor Green 18

Quiz Night – Friday 24th July 2020

Quiz Night

A Quiz night has been organised for Friday 24th July at 7.15 pm in the clubhouse.  This is a fun night for everyone including partners and friends.  Make up a team and come along for an opportunity to have a social occasion.  We would ask members to please donate something towards the prizes. The Quiz last year was very successful and unknown talent was discovered with the Karoke!!  The poster is attached.  Please email your entry or put it on the list in the clubhouse.

Click here to Download Flyer


Greendale Results 18/7/20

1st equal   Roger Ford and Toby Doyle 69 . 3rd equal Simon Jeffs and Garron Hawker  71,5th equal Ian Bourke and Steve Hygate 73, 7th equal Simon Johnstone and Chris Faithful 76,

Nearest to The Pins # 3 Chris Faithful.  #9 Chris Faithful, # 13 Simon Johnstone, # 17 Rob Earle.

Longest Drive # 11 Women  Crisie Banks, Men Garron Hawker.

Longest Putt # 18 Sponsored By Darfield Tyre Centre  Crisie Banks.

Two`s  Bevan Souness, Steve Roulston, Simon Johnstone, Garron Hawker and Ian Bourke.

Greendale Results 11/7/20


1st. Ray Williams and Graeme Hessey 46 pts, 2nd Lance Giles and Dean Rutter 44pts.  3rd Jo Johnson and Dale MacDonald 44 pts, 4th Ian Bourke and Martin Gall 43 pts, 5th Brenden Nally and Graeme Oakley 43 pts, 6thAdam Haywood and Shannon Clark 42 pts, 7th  Danny McLaren and Arch Youngman 42 pts.

Nearest To The Pins # 3 Simon Johnstone, # 9 Dean Rutter, # 13 Shannon Clark, # 17 Ray Williams.

Longest Drive # 11 Men Ian Bourke, Ladies Mary Dewar.

Longest Put # 18 Sponsored By Darfield Tyre Centre   Graham Gough.

Two`s  Dean Rutter and Steve Hygate.


9 Hole results for Greendale.       Match Stableford     1st Avis Sutherland 19 pts, 2ndBarbara May 18 pts.

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