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4 days ago

Greendale Golf Club
Congratulations to Ian Gaunson, Duncan McKay, Adam Haywood and Rob Earle for winning the Russ Hall Memorial Trophy for team stableford at the May Mid-week tournament ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Greendale Golf Club
Congratulations to Graham Allan for getting a hole in one on number 3! ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Greendale Golf Club
QUIZ NIGHT. Get your team together and join us for a night of fun and banter, plus karaoke so you can sing the night away! ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Greendale Golf Club
Saturday 1st MayWinner of the Over 70’s Trophy (best 2 of 3 rounds) - Merv Westland 87ptsStroke Round1st Graham Gough 702nd Darren Lewis 703 Simon Jeffs 714 Pat Youngman 725 Lance Giles 726 Dean Rutter 727 Greame Hessey 728 Jan Redfern 729 Gary Gifkins 7210 John Bowden 74Nearest the Pin#3 Toby Doyle#9 Ian Gaunson#13 Dale MacDonald#17 Trevor MichaelMen’s Longest Drive - Rob EarleWomen’s Longest Drive - Jan RedfernLongest Putt - Steve Lloyd Twos Ian Gaunson, Pat Youngman, Toby Doyle, Graham Gough, Merv Westland9 Holes - Stableford1st Joan Pascoe 222 Helen Reid 18 ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Greendale Golf Club
All Irons Winners - Steve Roulston and Diane Gibbs ... See MoreSee Less
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Greendale Results 24/4/21

1st Merv Westland  47,

2nd Phil Beatson   42,

3rd Simon Jeffs  39,

4th Jim Mangnall 38,

5th Graham Gough 38,

6th Graeme Hessey 37,

7th Hugh MacPhee  37,

8th Graham Oakley 37,

9th Shaun Rutter 37,

10th John Bowden 37.


Nearest To The Pins  #3 Natalee Reed,  #9 Kimio Nagayama,#13 Bevan Souness, # 17 Matt Parrington,

Longest Drive # 15  Women Natalee Reed, Men Hugh Macphee.

Longest Putt  #18 Ian Gaunson.

Two`s Darren Lewis, Marie Michael, Janette Benn.

9 Hole Stableford  1st Barbara May  23.

Sponsors Tournament Draw 2021



FRIDAY  16th April 2021


No 1 Tee       1.00                D Gibbs, K Adams, G Heffernan, J Redfern

No 1 Tee       1.06                Oakley Fresh Produce

No 2 Tee       1.00                Clark Bros

No 2 Tee       1.06                Clark Bros

No 8 Tee       1.00                Bishop Bros



No 10 Tee     1.00                Darfield ITM

No 10 Tee     1.06                Darfield Tyre Centre

No 12 Tee     1.00                Davis Ogilvie

No 12 Tee     1.06                Hamilton Hindin Greene

No 14 Tee     1.00                Freeman Irrigation

No 14 Tee     1.06                Freeman Irrigation

No 16 Tee     1.00                Steve Hygate x 4

No 16 Tee     1.06                Prime Kitchens

Greendale Golf Results 10/4/21

Saturday 10th April
Canadian Foursome
Winners of the Men’s Canadian Foursome Trophy – Garron and Ethan Hawker
Winners of the Mitchell Cup (mixed) –  Steve Hygate & Janelle Lewis
1st Garron & Ethan Hawker 60.5
2nd Merv Westland & Roger Ford, Pat Youngman & Greame Oakley 64
4th Steve Hygate & Janelle Lewis 66
5th Gary Gifkins & Janette Benn 66.5
6th Jim Adams & Marie Michael 68
7th Wayne Watson & Crisie Banks, Martyn Gall & John Bowden 69.5
Nearest the Pins
#3 Duncan McKay
#9 Cam Gordon
#13 Steve Lloyd
#17 Duncan McKay
Men’s longest drive – Roger Ford
Women’s longest drive – Marie Michael
9 Holes – Stableford
Avis Sutherland 22

Greendale Golf Results 3/4/21

3rd April
Stroke Round
1st Hugh MacPhee 69
2nd Steve Roulston 71
3rd Merv Westland 71
4th Kimio 72
5th David Benn 72
6th Simon Johnston 72
7th Rob Earle 72
8th Gary Gifkins 72
Nearest the Pin
#3 Pat Youngman
#9 Steve Roulston
#13 Stephen Clark
#17 Pat Youngman
Men’s Longest drive – Darren Lewis
Women’s Longest drive – Dale MacDonald
Women’s Longest Putt – Dale MacDonald
Longest Putt – Bevan Souness
Shannon Clark, Stephen Clark, Merv Westland, Pat Youngman
9 Holes – Stablefold
Ted Kikstra 24

Greendale Gold Results 27/3/21

1st Darren Lewis 42,

2nd Merv Westland 40,

3rd Dave Thompson 38,

4th  equal Simon Johnstone, Graeme Hessey, Graeme Oakley 37,

7th  equal Gary Gifkins, Kath Adams , Brent Nahkies , Janette Benn 36,

Nearest To The Pin  3# Gary Gifkins, # 9 Garron Hawker,  # 13 Gary Gifkins  , # 17 Reilly Rutter,

Longest Drive # 18 Women Marie Michael, Men Garron Hawker ,

Ladies Longest Putt # 11 Avis Sutherland,

Two`s  Reilly Rutter, Marie Michael,


9 Hole Stableford 1st Avis Sutherland 23 pts.

Junior Golf Purple Tees 1st equal Reilly Rutter. Ethan Hawker.

Greendale Golf Results 20/3/21

Saturday 20th March
1st Rob Earle 42
2th Diane Gibbs 40
3th Kieth Gardner, Steve Clarke 38
5th Dale MacDonald, Phil Baldwin, Duncan McKay 37
Nearest the Pins
#3 Bruce Sampson
#9 Hugh McPhee
#13 Dale MacDonald
#17 Keith Gardner
Men’s longest drive – Dean Rutter
Ladies longest drive – Crisie Banks
Longest Putt – Lance Giles
Ladies Longest Putt – Dale MacDonald
 Hugh McPhee x2, Dale MacDonald, Gray Cross, Bruce Sampson, Keith Gardner, Stephen Clark
9 Holes – Stableford
Avis Sutherland 23

Greendale Golf Results 13/3/21

Saturday 13th March
Combined Nett – Horsborough Cup
Winners – Craig Watson & Pat Youngman 133
2nd Merv Westland & Trevor Kennett 139
3rd Gary Gifkins & Hugh Mac Phee 143
4th Brent Nahkies & Simon Johnstone
       Peter Baldwin & Steve Roulston 151
Nearest the Pins
#3 Trevor Michael
#9 Dale MacDonald
#13 Dean Rutter
#17 Dave Thompson
Men’s longest drive – Pat Youngman
Ladies longest drive Dale MacDonald
Longest Putt – Gary Gifkins
Ladies Longest Putt – Dale MacDonald
Dave Thompson, Dale MacDonald, Pat Youngman, Brent Nahkies, Simon Jeffs
9 Holes – Stableford
Helen Reid 20

Greendale Golf Results 6/3/21

Saturday 6th March
1st Marie Michael, Colleen Davidson 41
2nd Philip Baldwin 40
3rd Shannon Clark, Janette Benn, Danny Mc Lauren 39
4th Jo Johnson 37
5th Duncan McKay
Nearest the Pins
#3 Peter Bee
#9 Gary Gifkins
#13 Dean Rutter
#17 Marie Michael
Men’s Longest Drive – Derek Watson
Ladies Longest Drive – Janette Benn
Longest Putt – Philip Baldwin
Ladies Longest Putt – Gwen Heffernan
Marie Michael x2, Dean Rutter, Duncan McKay, Shannon Clark, Danny McLaren

Greendale Golf Results 27/2/21

1st. Patrick and Arch Youngman  +10,

2nd Rob Earle and Steve Roulston +9,

3rd Duncan McKay and Ian Gaunson +8,

4th Steve Hygate and Simon Jeffs + 8,

5th Danny McLaren and Phil Nagayama +8,

6th Diane Gibbs and Dale MacDonald +7,

7th Bruce Sampson And Blair Hopkins +7,

8th Meg Nagayama  and Janette Benn +7 ,

9th  Merv Westland and Roger Ford  +7,


Nearest to The Pins

# 3 Blair Hopkins,

# 9 Beaven Souness,

# 13 Steve Hygate,

# 17 Darren Lewis,

Womens Longest Drive Meg Nagayama,

Mens Blair Hopkins,

Longest Put # 18 Jim Adams,

Ladies Longest Put  #11 Dale MacDonald,

Two`s Rob Earle Garren Hawker, Danny McLaren.

9 Hole Stableford

1st Avis Sutherland 19 pts,

2nd Helen Reid 18 pts.

Hayes Cup Winners   Pat and Arch Youngman.

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